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    Common sense approach to the breeding season Stick to a breeding strategy Moving with the times for breeding success
    Millennium holiday - a time for taking stock! Selecting pairings - the choice is yours Work out a fitness routine
    Take control of cinnamons Canary Calls The Season Starts Here
    Yorkshire Master Record Cards say it all. How to make a good Yorkshire.
    Look to the future. A Question of Colour. Back to my roots.
    Judging your own stock part 1 cocks Judging your own stock part 2 Hens Critical months in the canary calendar.
    Foster Mums The best you can get. Perfecting true lines.
    Nothing succeeds like success The Learning Curve Running the cock.
    Advantages of sprouted seeds Nesting canaries Weaning first-round chicks.
    The tortoise and the hare Understanding Cinnamons Eggstraordinary.
    Making seasonal adjustments Knockout second round Moulting out.
    Breeding next season's show winners Playing the percentages And they're off....
    When to move the young Best laid plans Seconds out -Round two!
    Give records a spin Last chance to get it right Canary breeding terms exlained
    White ground canaries and the cinnamon effect Crossing the line Youth versus age
    Applying split rings

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